Sunday, January 12, 2014

Learning to Speak Greek Post 11

     My project has been coming along very well. Besides my meetings with my grandma, I also have my dad who has turned out to be very helpful. It didn't seem as though he would be in the beginning, but that changed as time went on. 
     On Christmas Eve I went to my yiayia's house (yiayia is grandmother in Greek) and I was able to have a full blown conversation with my dad and yiayia in Greek all throughout the meal. I was very proud of myself because I learned early on that Greek is a very difficult language to learn. 
     For Christmas my yiayia bought me some really great Greek workbooks. One is a dictionary with pictures, which is actually for little kids, but it has been really helpful in my learning. The other one is kind of like "Greek For Dummies" but not quite the same. I've really enjoyed working with those. 
     Right now my focus is on the alphabet and numbers. I can count up to fifty in greek so I'm working on learning the entire alphabet, but it is extremely difficult. Not similar to our alphabet at all, but I have noticed as I've been going along that a lot of words in English are similar to Greek in the way they are spoken. 
     I've been really happy with my progress lately and I'm hoping things continue to go well for the duration of the project. 

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that you have been making a lot of progress! It's great that your family is helping you to learn Greek! I know you are learning a lot of vocabulary and I wanted to make a suggestion that could help you to not forget the vocabulary you already know. When you look around in various settings, try to find things that you can say in Greek and say the word in Greek - either out loud or in your head.