Monday, January 27, 2014

Learning to Speak Greek Post 13

      We have finally reached second semester. Mid terms were this week, so I can honestly say I have not done very much when it comes to my project. My dad and I have been speaking to each other in Greek as much as possible. This week we haven't been able to have any formal sit downs, but at dinner we were able to discuss our day. 
      Right now the biggest thing I'm struggling with is the alphabet. It is so different from both English and Spanish. I've been learning Spanish since third grade and I always found it to be similar to English, so it was easier to learn. 
      Greek is similar to English in that certain words are spoken the same. Where as in Spanish everything is said with an accent, Greek and English words are usually spoken in flat Yankee vowels. Since I don't think of Greek as being similar to English at all I'm having a hard time grasping that. I almost always end up switching into a Spanish accent. 
       After I conquer the alphabet I'm going to move onto verbs. That might be a while off because the alphabet has proven to be very tough. The letters are unlike anything I've ever seen and I struggle to write them out. 
       This semester I will also be working on my presentation/speech. I plan to incorporate how important it is to learn about other languages and cultures. I think that will give the presentation a little something extra. 
       So far I've been very happy with how my project is coming along and I'm hoping it continues to go well! 


  1. I think it's great that you are speaking Greek with your dad! When I was learning Spanish, I would constantly speak with my brother, who was also learning. It has been proven that when learning a new language, consistently using it and hearing it will help you to better learn the language.

    1. It has been so helpful! Originally I wasn't speaking with my dad as much as I was doing workbook activities, but I discovered having everyday conversations has gotten me a lot farther!

    2. That's awesome! Your hard work is paying off :)

  2. Sounds cool I speak Greek myself and went to Greek School at my church for three years. It is an extremely hard language to attain, but sounds so cool when you do learn it!