Monday, March 24, 2014

Blog Post 20

     In my last post I discussed my Ted talk. I'll be honest and say I still don't have an entirely concrete plan. I'm still planning on discussing the importance of other cultures.
     In my last post I was a little scattered because life had gotten a little crazy, between me getting sick and then I just recently broke my ankle. I mentioned including how learning about other cultures can bring people together in a way they might not have come together otherwise. While learning Greek I formed a bond with my grandmother that I don't think I otherwise would have had and I would love to include that in my talk. 
     As for the in class mini speeches I won't be going for a while, so I'm planning on running my ideas past Mr. Provenzano very soon. As for how the learning process is going I'm very proud of the progress I have made in writing. The Greek language is so difficult to learn just by speaking and listening, the alphabet was completely different than anything I had ever seen. I'm happy to say though that I have been successfully able to write it from memory and I can even write a few sentences. 
    I know it doesn't seem like much, but when I finally accomplished that goal I was so proud of myself. I'm hoping I continue to progress as well as I have. The Ted talk is right around the corner and I'm actually very nervous, but Mr. Provenzano showed us a book we could read and I'm planning to buy it very soon. 
    I'm excited to see how they project turns out and I'm hoping it continues to go well until the end! 

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  1. I am glad to hear about the progress that you're making. I give you props for sticking with learning such a difficult language. As for the Ted Talk, you may want to incorporate some “did you know” statements about other cultures as well as describing your knowledge of other cultures and how you came to know that information.