Friday, April 4, 2014

Learning to Speak Greek Post 21

     Today is the day we needed to have a concrete plan about what we were going to speak about for our Ted Talk. I have finalized my idea, finally. I'm going to speak about the importance of learning other languages and cultures. My feeling is that, in America learning about other languages and cultures isn't prioritized because it is the common belief among people that English is known by everyone and they will always be able to communicate. Even so, it is important to learn about other parts of the world. 
     If you were to encounter a person with a different first language than you it would be much easier to communicate with them and break down their walls if you could communicate with them in their own language. They would be much more willing to have a more substantial conversation with you if you at least made an effort to communicate with them in their own way. That is an idea that I want to get across to people. 
     As far as working with my grandma and dad, I've become much closer with them because I've learned to communicate with them in their language. That applies more to my grandma than my dad, but it's brought me closer to them in a way I might not have been had I not decided to learn about a different culture than my own. 
    It's also interesting to see how cultures are different from your own. Seeing and understanding these differences can help you understand and bring down the divides between different types of people. 
    For now that's all I have and hopefully soon I will be able to start formulating my speech. I'm been really happy with the progress I've made, especially recently and I'm hoping it continues to go well until the end! 

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  1. I really the topic you chose for the Ted Talk. It is a very important topic that is not addressed that often. I also believe many individuals will benefit from hearing about the importance of language and culture! Also, I'm glad to hear that the bond between you and both your father and grandmother has gotten stronger :)